Stuart – retailers should go to same day delivery?

On demand delivery specialist company Stuart, has published a report that claims 72% of online shoppers would purchase more online from their favourite retailer is it offered same day delivery.

Stuart is based in Barcelona and Paris, and is a courier that specialises in same day deliveries. It says on its website that it plans to launch in London soon.

Stuart hopes that this finding will attract more retailers to satisfy the “huge consumer appetite for same-day delivery”. According to the same report by the courier, 79% of online shoppers would switch from their favourite high street retailer if it doesn’t offer their preferred delivery method.

In addition the survey also showed that nearly 40% of shoppers rated convenience as most important in terms of delivery, while only 23% said that cost was. Very importantly for the same day B2C delivery company, 6£5 said that they would be willing to pay a premium for same day delivery from their favourite high street retailer. This supports the theory that among online customers at the moment, “fast is the new free”.

The report from Stuart has had a shot at putting a value on the same day delivery potential. It suggested that each customer would be willing to pay £168 extra with their favourite high street retailers in the next year if the company offered same day delivery. Projected forward this would amount to an extra revenue for each high street retailer of around £4.9bn.

Stuart is planning on moving into the London market where it will face competition from other B2C same day delivery companies. This won’t be a move into virgin territory though its backers seem to believe there is a definite space in the market.