Stuart trials mobile depot in Paris

DPDgroup’s subsidiary Stuart has announced it is trialling a mobile delivery depot in the 15th district of Paris.

For the next six months Stuart will have a dedicated parking space where a truck will be based, from which e-cargo-bikes will carry out efficient, zero-emission delivery in the neighbourhood. The delivery system could be extended to on-demand and same-day deliveries at a later stage.

Some 15-20% of urban traffic is from delivery companies which emit 25% of the pollution in Paris. The pandemic made this worse as Parisians depended on delivery firms for essentials.

“The Covid-19 crisis has allowed us to test new approaches and refine our urban logistics model by working extremely responsively, hand in hand with our client partners and public authorities,” said Damien Bon, CEO of Stuart. “Thanks to our experience, we are now ready to take Stuart to the next level in order to cater for greater parcel volumes and absorb more volatile peaks in activity via larger urban warehouses and a rollout of mobile depots in cities.”

Philippe Goujon, Mayor of the 15th district of Paris, commented, “Stuart’s initiative seems particularly timely to us at a time when the environmental dimension is more important than ever and when the use of active mobility, particularly suited to last-mile delivery in a city as dense as Paris, combines advantages – decongestion of streets, absence of CO2 emissions, silence, etc – that everyone is now calling for.”