Stuart works with Metapack on its same-day offering

Fast growing European last-mile delivery company Stuart has announced a partnership with e-commerce delivery tech company Metapack in a bid to grow its same-day, ship-from-hub delivery business.

Stuart’s offerings are now live on the Metapack global delivery management platform. The company’s newest offering, Stuart Today, allows its retail customers to tap into its hub network to drive efficiencies into their offerings for end customers.

“In today’s competitive retail climate, with more people shopping online than ever before, retailers need to ensure they’re able to satisfy consumer desire for fast and convenient delivery options,” said Tom Forbes, SVP Carriers at Metapack. “Recent Metapack research highlights that in the UK and France, around 50% of consumers have bought goods from one retailer over another because they provided more delivery options. Working together with Stuart, we’re able to help retailers service the changing needs of consumers and provide greater delivery experiences.”

The business model relies on micro-fulfilment centres. Using these, so Stuart can offer retail clients a fast and precise delivery service to their customers in urban areas. The company has noted that in May, UK consumers spent 33.4% of their spend online according to government statistics.

Stuart has micro-fulfilment centres in London and Paris, and has plans to expand to other cities around Europe. The company says that 28% of its end customers prioritise speed of shipment and 40% are willing to pay more for same-day delivery. As such Stuart’s offering is an important differentiator in today’s market.

David Saenz, COO at Stuart, explained, “By empowering retailers with same-day delivery, we’re able to help them wow their end-customers with new, exciting delivery options. In the current landscape, fast and accurate delivery is more important than ever. Moreover, with 60% of consumers selecting retailers based on their delivery options at checkout, we are excited to be working alongside Metapack to enable businesses to stand out from the crowd.”