Supermarket delivery drivers ‘critical workers’

Supermarket delivery drivers are now considered ‘critical workers’ in the COVID-19 outbreak. This means that schools will be able to take their children in when they close for most other families after today (Friday 20th March). The supermarket delivery drivers join a cohort that includes some NHS workers, police officers and teachers.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “We need other critical workers with children to keep doing their jobs too – from police officers who are keeping us safe to the supermarket delivery drivers, social care workers who look after the elderly and who are so vital. We will be setting out more details shortly about who we mean in these groups.

“So we therefore need schools to make provision for the children of these key workers who would otherwise be forced to stay home. And they will also need to look after the most vulnerable children.

“This will mean there will of course be are far fewer children in schools and that will help us to slow the spread of the disease. And these measures are crucial to make sure the critical parts of the economy keep functioning and public services keep functioning.

So we are simultaneously asking nurseries and private schools to do the same, and we are providing financial support where it is needed. “