Swip – half of click & collect shoppers hate waiting

Almost half (42%) of online shoppers fear that they will be kept waiting to pick up goods at tills and collection points in UK shops this Christmas according to leading parcel locker company Swip.

Customer service assistants taking time to get the click & collect items is a problem for 26% of customers, while one in ten would rather collect their orders without the need to see shop staff.

According to a blog posted on the Swip company website, “These findings suggest that UK retailers risk putting shoppers off click and collect in favour of traditional home delivery.”

The problems observed by customers are making more of them (31%) plan on having their goods delivered to their homes, while 18% will be more likely to collect from a retailer’s branch.

Home delivery isn’t a perfect option in customers’ eyes either. 47% get annoyed at the hassle of rearranging a delivery or organising collection should they miss a parcel.

The Swip blog continued, “It’s our view that UK retailers will miss a vital window of opportunity this Christmas if they don’t urgently address consumers’ concerns with the current click and collect services on offer.”

Swip’s solution is to install collection lockers in shops. Their research found that 28% of shoppers are more likely to shop with a retailer if they offer a self-service locker in addition to their click & collect services.

The blog concluded, “Not only will our lockers help to attract and retain customers, they are also cost-effective for retailers because they free staff from manually handing out orders. Instead, their staff can spend more time with shoppers who want their help, which will lead to higher sales in shops.”

Swip has a longstanding relationship with Danish supermarket chain Dansk Supermarkd and have expanded their reach into 10 countries across Europe. The parcel locker company is actively looking for UK partners to help their business grow here.
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