SwipBox and PostNord launch Danish parcel locker network

A new parcel locker network in Denmark is to be set up by PostNord and SwipBox. Initially 200 parcel lockers are to be rolled out in a pilot in Kolding, and from there there is likely to be a national rollout.

The postal operator and SwipBox are operating as Nordic Infrastructure, which plans to have a national parcel locker network in Denmark by the end of next year. It will be carrier-agnostic, allowing all carriers to deliver parcels to the parcel lockers.

“Our vision is to make it convenient and easy for the Danish people to pick up parcels close to where they live and spend time. In collaboration with a strong partner, we are now creating the foundation for the parcel locker network of the future, which will boost e-commerce and make everyday life a little easier for Danes all over the country,” says Peter Kjær Jensen, CEO of PostNord Denmark, who is looking forward to gaining experiences from the pilot in Kolding, before the final strategy for the rollout is decided upon.

The new parcel lockers will be located at homeowners and housing associations, at public transportation and at local gas stations, etc., and will cover the entire country – from countryside to city. The parcel lockers will be called Nærboks (Nærboks = Nearbylocker – a locker near you).

“Nærboks will be the new parcel locker network for all Danes. Nærboks is a brand new concept that – as the name indicates – makes it possible to deliver parcel close to the Danes. We have based the network on the newest technology, which makes it possible to establish a new parcel locker infrastructure with a much higher number of parcel lockers than ever seen before,” says Allan Kaczmarek, CEO of SwipBox.


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