SwipBox and Remomedi launch medication parcel lockers

A new collaboration between Danish locker supplier, SwipBox and the Finnish company, Remomedi will allow Finnish customers to collect their medication from automated parcel lockers. The two companies are targeting Norway and Denmark next.

Remomedi is a company that develops customer service platforms for pharmacy retailers, while SwipBox is a leading parcel locker system provider.

The new medication parcel locker is being tested in Finland at present, using standard SwpBox parcel lockers. The customer orders their medicine through the Remomedi app and it is delivered to the parcel locker by the pharmacy staff. The customer is then sent a QR code that they scan at the parcel locker and they collect it.

In developing the system Remomedi specified that there should be no additional costs to the customer. “We wanted to create better options for consumers in relation to ordering and collecting medicine. For us, SwipBox was the natural partner, as their unique software and secure automated parcel lockers supported this solution, while also providing a guarantee for secure dispensing of medicine. We also recognised that SwipBox has a constant focus on innovation and development, which is why they are able to support the digital opportunities of the future,” said Kari Paukkeri, CEO of Remomedi.

Denmark and Norway are next on the list for the system’s deployment. “We are very pleased that Remomedi has chosen to partner with us on the project, as we believe that automated delivery of parcels, including medicine and pharmacy products is the way forward, when we look at the development in the area,” said Thomas Fugl, Co-CEO of SwipBox. “Since we are a Danish company, we are also pleased that the concept is intended to be expanded to Denmark, so that Danes will be able to enjoy the same flexibility.”