Swipbox offers new options for Naerboks and Pakkeboks customers

Parcel locker specialists Swipbox has launched three new features to give customers more options when using the Swipbox Infinity locker network.

The first option offered is where the customer cannot collect the parcel themselves they can ask another recipient to collect it using the Naerboks app. In addition there is a wheelchair accessibility operation, and a click & collect option.

Allan Kaczmarek, CEO of SwipBox, commented: “We are really excited to introduce these three features, which will significantly increase convenience for the customers and give them more options in their interaction with the parcel lockers. For us, it’s very important to continually develop our products to ensure ease and convenience for the customers.”

Goods can be ordered online and picked up at the Swipbox lockers using the Click & Collect option. They can also drop off parcels at the units. Where the wheelchair accessible option is chosen the parcel will always be delivered to compartments in the middle of the locker.

The Swipbox Infinity lockers are in the Naerboks network in Denmark and Pakkeboks network in Norway.


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