SwipBox sees pandemic boom

Parcel locker technology providers SwipBox have said that they are expecting record volumes of parcels through their parcel lockers this peak season. SwipBox has seen a rush of orders for its parcel lockers during the pandemic as e-commerce has boomed.

Kasper Cort, CCO at SwipBox, said: “It’s no surprise that we have seen a huge jump in orders of parcel lockers. In 1 year, we have seen an 53% increase in parcels being delivered to our lockers worldwide which simply means that our customers need added capacity to their networks.”

There are two parcel lockers that SwipBox produces. The Swipbox Classic is wired into the mains and has internet connection while the screenless SwipBox Infinity is Bluetooth enabled but battery operated and not connected to the web. Both solutions have been in high demand as customers have seen the benefits of contactless automated parcel solutions.

“We have seen huge interest from new customers and we are able to meet the high demand from both current and new customers, so we are ready for the upcoming peak season. We are now preparing for the new normal,” Kasper Cort commented.

“Since March this year we have seen the utilization rate of our SwipBox Infinity parcel lockers increase dramatically, and we have also observed that people are ordering smaller parcels than before the Covid-19 pandemic began. Therefore, we are now looking into new configurations and add-on features of the SwipBox Infinity parcel locker to ensure that we are being up-to-date with the demand from  the market,” Kasper Cort concluded.