SwipBox to install 350 parcel lockers in Finland

Danish software company SwipBox has just been chosen by Finnish retailer Lehtipiste Oy to supply 350 parcel lockers in 300 locations across Finland.

Annual growth rate in parcel shipments across Europe has been in the region of 15 to 20%, and in Finland a program has begun to install a national wide network of some 750 parcel lockers in major cities across the country.

”We are experiencing high demand from many of the major markets, with consumers increasingly seeking solutions that allow them to simply and conveniently send, receive and return parcels when it suits them in the course of their daily lives. We are therefore delighted by the opportunity to collaborate with Lehtipiste Oy, a company with many years of experience in delivering to Finland’s largest retailers. The solution is an open network, meaning that it is possible to open it up for use by more than one logistics providers,” says Allan Kaczmarek, CEO and founder of SwipBox.

According to Lehtipiste Oy, it was the combination of the best product in the market and SwipBox’s experience that made the difference: ”Strategically, we have chosen to supplement our network with a parcel delivery solution that meets the demands of both retailers and consumers. The choice fell on SwipBox, a company with a proven ability to operate with a range of stakeholders in more than 40 countries. We believe that the SwipBox Solution is the best in the market and this, together with SwipBox’s dedicated attitude, made the difference. We are looking forward to beginning the first phase of implementation this autumn,” says Timo Värri, Production & Logistics Director at Lehtipiste Oy.

The parcel lockers are all to be installed around the country by the end of this autumn. They will be built by Danish company Elogic Systems and will be available for pick up and delivery of parcels by Finnish consumers.