Swiss Post – first domestic postal price increase in 18 years

While domestic parcel postage prices remain unchanged, Swiss Post has increased the cost of A Class domestic letters by 10% and B class by 6%. This is the first price change for postage by the postal operator in 18 years.

An A class letter now costs CHF1.10 and a B class letter is now CHF0.90. The price increases came into force on the 1st January. Initially Swiss Post wanted even higher charges but the country’s consumer price watchdog negotiated it down.

Swiss consumer organisations had argued against the price increase, saying that Swiss Post postage costs were among the highest in the world. However, according to the global statistics company Statista, Switzerland is ranked 13th in Europe. Even with the price increase it now ranks 6th behind Denmark, Italy, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

The increase only applies to the costs of stamps until the end of this month. That allows Swiss domestic postal users to use any stamps they bought before the 1st January. As of the 1st February they must then use stamps equivalent to the new price. This will mean those with a stock of old stamps must buy in 5 and 10 cent top up stamps.

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