Swiss Post launches ePost correspondence & payments app

Swiss Post customers can now pay bills, arrange insurance and read banking correspondence through the Swiss Post ePost app, a simple and secure solution for handling personal data. It will be offered to private customers as well as businesses, and starts with partnerships with Credit Suisse and insurance company Vaudoise Assurances.

The Swiss Post ePost app can also be used to receive letters digitally from a range of companies and organisations as well as being able to scan in physical mail directly. Businesses can arrange payment systems for their customers through the app, making it a hub for digital correspondence between companies and customers.

Nicole Burth, Head of the Communication Services unit, and Member of Executive Management at Swiss Post, is delighted with the launch: “The ePost App is more than just another app on our smartphones. It will allow us to create an entire ecosystem for numerous companies and private customers. This digital letter box will make handling letter mail more straightforward, as well as simplifying time-consuming admin that the Swiss public have to do each day. The ePost App is easy to use, but also secure thanks to multi-stage user verification and encrypted data.”

As well as the bank and insurance company, the Tax Office of the Canton of Lucerne and the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes (FER) have signed up ahead of launch. The app was launched on the 1st July.