Swiss Post launches “network of the future”

Swiss Post is to extend the number of its access points from 3,700 to at least 4,000 by 2020. This overall growth is to be accompanies by the continuing development of branches from traditional branches to the “proven agency format”.

In a statement issued today, Swiss Post said that it “envisages a network of 800 to 900 traditional post offices by 2020″ ( it currently has 1,400) – and added: “The exact number depends on the outcome of discussions with the cantons and municipalities.”

However, Swiss Post said that it will “avoid closing post offices without replacing them, and will provide alternative solutions in all cases”.

Swiss Post’s postal agencies that it calls “branches with partner” are to increase from 800 to as many as 1300. Thee will continue to be supplemented by access points such as the home delivery service, My Post 24 terminals, business consumer points as well as other acceptance and collection points.

Swiss Post added: “Over the past ten years, the postal agency – with opening hours that are often more than twice as long as usual and the combination with partner businesses – has increasingly established itself as a practical access point. Frequently, this trend also makes economic sense. In many cases, the collaboration with local partners means that local structures can be preserved and reinforced.”

While this is happening Swiss Post will encourage the public to have their say in the transformation of the postal network through a series of consultation meetings that will begin in January.

”The concerns of citizens will be taken seriously, while at the same time, a better explanation of the new, alternative access points and services will be provided,” said Swiss Post.
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