Swiss Post takes another step in network restructuring

Swiss Post has ‘taken another step’ in restructuring its postal network.

In a statement, Swiss Post said: “After discussions with all the cantons there are already 3,854 access points available to customers across Switzerland. By 2020, there will be more than 4,200. Furthermore, additional services such as cash inpayments at the front door have been introduced and the range of services offered in the agencies has been expanded.

“In the long term, the postal network of the future will comprise between 800 and 900 traditional post offices.

“After extensive discussions with cantonal authorities, the national list already comprises 765 guaranteed post offices. These will not be reviewed before the end of 2020. Further additions will follow to ensure that the postal network will comprise the promised 800 to 900 self-operated post offices in the long term.”

Swiss Post continued: “Unbiased dialogue will now be engaged in with municipalities in order to determine in detail the best possible solutions for the population and their needs. Where it comes to converting traditional post offices, an alternative solution will always be offered. Branches will not simply be closed without any form of replacement.”

Explaining the rationale for the network restructure, Swiss Post said: “Digitization has resulted in considerable changes to people’s requirements. The needs of today’s Swiss Post customers are much more varied, and Swiss Post must and should try to accommodate these new requirements and habits. This is the only way in which it can ensure long-term success and offer extremely high-quality services throughout the country.”

Swiss Post added: “The development of the postal network in years to come will depend on future customer behaviour, volume trends and local variations. The fact is that revenue at post office counters has decreased by 65% for letters, 46% for parcels and around 40% for payment transactions since the year 2000. This trend is continuing. Swiss Post has spoken out clearly in favour of a network made up of self-operated postal branches, and there are currently no plans to rescale the number of post offices. The future development of the mix of access points will continue to depend principally on demand and on customer requirements.”
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