Synergy launches picking robot

Robotics company Synergy has launched a new autonomous fulfilment cart called the SnapCart that helps with small parts picking as well as helping e-commerce fulfilment centres streamline their picking operations without additional infrastructure changes.

The SnapCart machine will work manual carts and operates under a cellular picking model.

Using the Synergy robot, warehouse pickers will be assigned to smaller cells serviced by the SnapCart that works on a pick-to-light system. This can reduce the walking distance the picker does by as much as 14 miles a day.

The Synergy SnapCart can be bought in single units or multiples, depending on the level of automation the distribution centre seeks at the outset or further down the line.

“As fulfilment operations in both the UK and US feel the strain of the current labour shortage, it’s more important than ever that warehouses ensure maximum efficiency with their workforce,” said Synergy chairman Hugh Stevens.

“Our aim is to harness the power of autonomous fulfilment carts to provide warehouses with an innovative, practical solution they can use sooner, rather than waiting for technology to mature.”


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