UK Sameday Delivery Market To Experience Significant Growth

According to Apex Insight’s latest report, UK Sameday Delivery Market Insight Report 2016, the UK sameday delivery market is set to experience significant growth, driven by the business to consumer segment. Currently, the majority of the market is accounted for by the business to business segment, which is growing at a modest rate.
The B2B segment is served by established players offering urgent sameday deliveries of items such as blood samples, contract documents and spare parts for field engineers. The B2C segment is a younger market with a number of business models vying for prominence. Leading retailers, Amazon and Argos, began offering their sameday services very recently and third party companies such as Shutl are only a few years old.
The B2C sameday segment is very new, with emerging models competing for attention. A number of new customer delivery models have been launched, being trialled or under consideration. Those models are covered in detail in the report. The key driver for the growth in B2C sameday delivery is the growth in internet shopping and the adoption of sameday delivery for online purchases. Currently, geographical coverage of B2C offerings is incomplete, centered on large cities with high population density. Cut-off times for sameday also vary, depending on the agility and scale of the delivery model.
We estimate that currently, the market is worth around £550m, having grown at around 5% per year since 2010. We expect the sameday market to continue to grow, driven in particular, by more rapid growth of the B2C segment as the idea of sameday delivery for internet purchases becomes increasingly mainstream.
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