TCM – battery technology top technical challenge

Global forklift manufacturers TCM have said that battery technology is the top technical challenge for the future. This comes from the National Forklift Survey by TCM, which surveyed forklift truck operators, dealers and the wider industry.

Interest in battery powered forklifts and other machinery has risen significantly in the last month or so after the UK government announced plans to ban the manufacture of diesel and petrol engines by 2040.

“Interest in this area has shown a clear increase not only led by the 2040 deadline but by fleet operators looking for materials handling equipment that offers a lower maintenance benefit”, said TCM brand manager Ashley-Kate McCann.

“Around 60 per cent of trucks are currently electric so the issue is twofold; how to improve battery performance in the existing electric cohort and how to find battery solutions for those applications that currently don’t have a viable, commercially-attractive electric option due to their operating environment and function. This is a key area of development focus for us and this debate is really welcome,” she said.

The National Forklift Survey is being carried for TCM and is still on-going until the end of the year.

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