Standard licence:

  • This is intended for use by a single reader but sharing with up to five team members within your own immediate organisation is permitted
  • Saving a copy to a network drive, transmission by email, sharing with advisers, clients, sub-contractors, investors or any other party would represent a breach of copyright and is not permitted
  • Quotation of short sections from the document is permitted as long as the specific report is quoted as being the source

Extended licence:

  • Sharing with colleagues within your immediate organisation or parent company / group and saving on a network drive are permitted.
  • Sharing with advisers, investors and sub-contractors is permitted if and only if (a) we are notified of intent to do so and (b) receive notification from the advisor, investor or sub-contractor that it accepts the report under the terms of a single-user licence prior to it being shared.
  • Sharing, with advisors, investors or sub-contractors without such prior notification, or with any other external party, would represent breach of copyright and is not permitted.

Privacy statement

  • Personal information that we hold is that which you have voluntarily disclosed to us for example by filling out our online enquiry form. Personal information collected (including name and contact details) will be used only for the purpose of selling our own products & services and maintaining our relationship with you.
  • We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any other parties.

Terms and conditions

  • Apex Insight can take no responsibility for any incorrect information supplied to us by external parties. Quantitative market information is based a range of sources and assumptions and therefore is subject to a degree of judgement. We use reasonable endeavours to ensure your report contains accurate and up-to-date information but do not warrant that it will meet your requirements or that it will be complete or error-free. You have sole responsibility for the selection, suitability and use of reports and acknowledge that, except as stated above, we do not provide any additional warranties or guarantees relating to the report.
  • Apex Insight reports are publications containing valuable market information provided to our clients. Our clients acknowledge when ordering that reports are for internal use and not for publication or disclosure to third parties, other than with our specific written permission in the case of reports covered by an extended licence, as set out above.
  • No part of any Apex Insight report may be given, lent, resold, or disclosed to third parties without our written permission. Third parties include subsidiary companies, other legal entities, customers, financial investors, suppliers or any other organisation or associate of the purchasing company.
  • Apex Insight reports in full or in part may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means; electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the permission of the publisher or where covered by a licence agreement or where sold under the terms of an Apex Insight contract.
  • Standard delivery time for electronic publications is as short as practicable from date of receipt of order.
  • Draft reports sold prior to formal release are subject to later correction. Orders for draft reports will be invoiced with delivery of the draft report. Draft reports must be returned to the address above on receipt of the final copy.
  • Extra copies of a report are available for purchase upon request. Usage and distribution of extra report copies are subject to the same terms and conditions as the initial report.

Payment terms

  • Payment for reports is required prior to delivery. Payment for other services is due within 14 days of receipt of invoice.
  • Prices listed are excluding VAT unless specified

Returns policy

  • The nature of the information being sold means that reports are deemed to be consumed once dispatched therefore we cannot accept returns of reports after this point.