Tesco begins integrating Booker

Tesco has begun integrating wholesalers group Booker into its supply chain.

In its Q1 trading statement it showed sales growth of 1.8% of which UK & Ireland saw 3.5%. In Q2 it has had a sales growth of 14.3% after the consolidation of Booker in March.

Tesco said its Booker ‘Joining Forces’ programme is now “well underway” with progress towards accessing new growth opportunities with supplier partners.

It said: “In May, we introduced 3,000 Booker lines into our Tesco Magor distribution centre, utilising spare capacity and enabling us to reduce the lead time on orders for Booker customers across the South West.”

Tesco is also planning to use its Middleton distribution centre is to support Booker growth during the Summer trading period.

Following a positive initial response to Booker Chef Central which stocks bulk items for caterers at Bar Hill, moving on to a second trial concept at Beckton Tesco express. Tesco has also extended the two-store trial of the top 30 selling Booker lines and is to introduce a similar range to over 50 stores.

“Our growth plans are on track and we are pleased with the momentum in the business,” said Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis. “We are delighted with initial progress on Booker, and are focused on delivering the synergy benefits that our merger brings.”