Tesla hits logistics issues…

For all the negative talk about global electric vehicles leader Tesla’s manufacturing production woes and subsequent rebuffs as the company practised what it preached, a new problem has come to light for the firm: “delivery logistics hell”.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder and CEO made mention of the new issues in a Twitter exchange with customer Megan Gale. She said, “There are 42 Tesla’s sitting at the Union Pacific Railroad in SLC. My car is one of these. I’ve been told I was getting delivery the 8th, then the 15th, then the 20th, then the 22nd, and now my delivery has been delayed indefinite. Please make this right.”

Musk tweeted back: “Sorry, we’ve gone from production hell to delivery logistics hell, but this problem is far more tractable. We’re making rapid progress. Should be solved shortly.”

As the company completely reinvent the wheel in car production, it is still somewhat hamstrung by the very traditional and well established infrastructure of the modern logistics networks. Given that even Amazon is having lots of fun trying to re-invent that wheel we somewhat doubt that Tesla will have a crack at that one.