TfL – 79% of public back direct vision plan

Transport for London (TfL) has released its consultation report on the proposed Direct Vision Standard (DVS) that focused on proposals for an HGV Safety Permit in London.

According to the TfL report, 91% of the London general public agreed that the HGV driver’s visibility through a HGV cab’s windows plays a role in collisions with vulnerable road users. In addition, 92% felt that driver visibility should be improved to reduce the hazard HGVs posed on the road, and 79% agree with the proposed DVS star rating boundaries.

Under the DVS scheme, HGVs will be categorised according to the level of a driver’s direct vision from their cab based on a rating system that ranges from ‘zero star’ at the lowest end and ‘five stars’ at the high end. From 2024, only vehicles rates three stars or above or that have a Comprehensive Safety System will be able to operate in London.

This initiative is part of the mayor and TfL’s Vision Zero approach to eliminating all deaths and serious injuries from London’s roads by 2041.

“The disproportionately high number of HGVs involved in fatal collisions with pedestrians and cyclists is a tragedy,” said TfL head of delivery planning Christina Calderato. These proposals are “important new safety measures which we hope will help to save many lives in the future.”