Thailand Post launches recycling marketing campaign

Thailand Post is to recycle 10,000kg of paper parcel and letter packaging into table and chair sets for the national Border Patrol Police Schools network.

The recycling project is part of the postal operator’s sustainability goals. Korkij Danchaivichit, president of Thailand Post, said his postal service and another packaging company had launched a campaign to allow people to send used parcel packages and envelopes to post offices across the country.

“I believe the volume of used paper parcels will increase during the popular 9.9 online shopping campaign,” Korkij said.

The pledge is central to the ‘9.9 online shopping campaign’ that e-retailers in Thailand have widely adopted, offering promotions and discounts to get customers aboard.

“It is a win-win situation for all,” said Korkij. “First of all, suppliers use compostable paper parcels that are eco-friendly; also 9.9 online shopping enhances the economy, and finally, we (Post Office) get to collect the reusable paper parcels and turn them into furniture to supply schools.”

“Therefore, we would like to invite people, online retailers and business organisations to send used parcel packages and envelopes to postal offices nationwide, as well as parcel and envelop pick up points at several designated areas for us to make use of,” said Korkij.