The APC restructures for growth

The APC independent delivery network has announced an ownership restructure, designed to significantly expand its existing share base.

Under the restructure, every hub has the opportunity to own part of the company, but also allows employees to become shareholders.

This comes as part of the network’s plans to expand its capacity in the UK. It currently has 100 hubs across the country.

Jonathan Smith, Chief Executive at APC Overnight, said: “This ownership restructure unlocks a whole range of opportunities for The APC, enabling us to build on our unique strengths, continue our commitment to better serve the UK’s SMEs, and further develop our existing relationship with Barclays. In focusing on the future, we are keeping our customers and people at the forefront of plans.

“Over the last 25 years, our dedicated network of depots across the UK has been the driving force behind our success. Giving our depots the opportunity to become shareholders celebrates the key role they play in enabling our services as the only carrier exclusively focused on serving the needs of SMEs. This unique position in the marketplace is a source of immense pride for us, and something that we will continue to deliver over the next 25 years of The APC.”

Andy Mayne, Relationship Director at Barclays commented: “Having supported APC over the last 12 years we are delighted to continue to be their funding partner for the next phase of their growth, building on the foundations of an already successful business model.”