The APC sees 53% growth in profits

The UK’s largest independent parcel delivery network The APC has announced a 53% growth in profit before tax of £9.2 million for the financial year 2020-21.

The pandemic both increased volumes through The APC network and forced it to adapt quickly to the increased demand for home deliveries for its 35,000 customers.

Thanks to the pandemic, the network saw significant growth across all services, especially with its niche services of fragile and liquid, with food and drink seeing the largest growth of all segments.

Commenting on the growth seen across the business, Jonathan Smith, Chief Executive at The APC, said: “Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen growing demand for parcel services, driven by a surge in consumer e-commerce activity and the preference for home delivery. But perhaps most impressively, in response to this shift in purchasing habits, we’ve seen so many of our SME customers quickly adapt, proving their resilience and entrepreneurialism, and thriving as a result. It’s this resilience of the SME community that has largely contributed to the growth we’ve seen across our network.

Across our network we’ve worked tirelessly to support our 35,000 customers, recognising their changing needs and investing in our business to support this evolution. The pandemic has fundamentally changed the shape of distribution, and in fact, the whole dynamic of the industry; how people are shopping, how people need deliveries and their delivery expectations. It has required a structural shift in our business and will continue to shape our priorities in the coming months.”

Through the year, the network has invested heavily in capacity, sortation equipment and handheld devices, and started delivering on Saturdays to meet the demand for home deliveries. It has plans for more investment in its hub and the London delivery region. At the same time it has been investing heavily in its workforce, with a range of benefits offered from share ownership to mental health support.

Corina Forman, HR Director at The APC, said: “This year has understandably proved challenging for many. Throughout this time we’ve worked hard to maintain job security and opportunities for all our employees, continuing to provide them with the training and skills they need to fulfil their potential. But we also understand the importance of focusing on, and providing staff with, initiatives that support their health and wellbeing.

We firmly believe that investing in our people this way pays dividends in the long-term. People who feel supported and recognised within the company tend to identify strongly with our values and they develop secure social networks – these factors combine to support great service delivery.”

Jonathan Smith, continues: “The experience, knowledge and commitment of our people is a key part of our success. Supporting and investing in our people is therefore essential to ensure they feel recognised for their important contribution to our business, and continue to see the long-term career opportunities available to them.”

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