The Bike Club to use ArrowXL

Two-person delivery company ArrowXL is to collect used bikes from The Bike Club customers as part of the subscription-based kid’s bike service’s reCycle campaign.

With gyms and leisure facilities being closed during much of the last 18 months, bike sales have rocketed. As such The Bike Club needed a trusted delivery firm to store and deliver their bikes in a safe and secure way. ArrowXL will now handle more than 200 bike movements a week for The Bike Club’s 30,000 customers.

ArrowXL has also looked at how to reduce unnecessary costs incurred in their previous process and have been instrumental in offering a flexible service to the cycle company’s members who wish to exchange their bikes as their children grow.

Allan Pape, Business Development Manager, at ArrowXL, said: “The launch of the Bike Club has been inspiring. It’s a great idea to get young people and adults into cycling in a holistic and affordable way. We are thrilled to be chosen to work with the Bike Club, and we take pride in knowing the products we deliver are improving health and wellbeing. We know how much effort the Bike Club has put into the customer experience, and we pride ourselves in complementing that effort.”

Anna McLaughlin, Operations Director of the Bike Club, said: Providing a hassle-free and flexible service to our members is key to facilitating the circular economy side of our business, so partnering with ArrowXL made perfect sense. They deliver a significant amount of specialist fitness equipment for leading brands in the sector, and we know that our vision to provide a standout customer experience is safe in their hands.”

The Bike Club’s subscription model allows families to exchange their bikes at any time so kids will always have the right sized bike. It also prevents old bikes from going to waste after the children have outgrown them.