The booze flies with Cleveron

Estonian click and collect specialists Cleveron has been sending the booze flying, with a cold drinks drone delivery service for customers at a public beach in Viljandi in Estonia.

Beachgoers order their drinks from Cleveron via text message and the drone deliverd the drink from the other side of the lake to the customer in around five minutes. The parcel carrier believes that this is “the fastest response time ever for commercial drone delivery”.

The beach cold drinks delivery service started two weeks ago.

Cleveron has said of the new service that not only is it fast but it is “also the safest solution currently developed”.

According to Cleveron: “Our drone delivery is safe thanks to a unique drone nest called CleverNest. It allows safe parcel drop-off at the height of two metres, thus removing the danger of the drone hitting someone when landing on the ground or hitting someone with the parcel when dropping it from the heights. Instead, the drone places the delivery to the drone nest at safe heights. Thanks to precision landing, parcels are always delivered safely to the drone nest.”

Such light-hearted drone delivery services have a more serious undertone – they enable the kinks in the drone delivery concept to be ironed out through real life activity. This will feed back to Cleveron’s ongoing research into plans for parcel delivery, and advance the firm’s plans to start last mile delivery as soon as it becomes a viable alternative to human powered delivery.

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