The Delivery Group launches cross border delivery platform

Specialist mail services and e-commerce delivery company The Delivery Group has entered into partnership with Parcel Monkey Group to provide a route optimised, cross border SaaS platform called ETrak.

ETrak is an end-to-end cross-border shipping service that provides a collection, labelling, sortation, customs clearance and final mile delivery and tracking system that simplifies the process of international shipping for online retailers. The single cloud-based platform enables its customers to get real-time information on shipments, manage returns and produce detailed reports from fulfilment to customer.

Brexit will complicate shipping into and out of the UK and the ETrak system will simplify the process that will otherwise add barriers to trade into nearly every region of the world.

Steve Stokes, Group CEO, The Delivery Group, comments: “We want to help retailers capitalise on booming global e-commerce trade by opening up new international markets. Too often, ambitions around international growth are stifled because of the time-consuming complexities surrounding cross-border shipping. With ETrak, we remove that hassle and provide a real pathway for growth.”

 Nav Ramiah, CEO of the Parcel Monkey Group, comments: “Both businesses bring different skills to the partnership and by combining these strengths we’ve created an international delivery solution that addresses the needs of retailers and their customers.

“In the world of e-commerce delivery, price is no longer the sole factor when it comes to winning and retaining customers. Choice, convenience and quality of service all contribute to the customer experience. ETrak’s multi-carrier, cross-border shipping solution makes it easy and affordable for retailers to reach customers around the world and provide a fast and efficient delivery experience that will transform first-time buyers into loyal customers.”