The Giant Company offers 30-minute delivery

US East Coast grocery and convenience store chain The Giant Company is offering 30-minute delivery of 20,000 items through Instacart.

At the moment, Giant and Martin’s customers can access Instant Delivery through their pages on the Instacart marketplace. Deliveries can be made between 6am and midnight, with a minimum order value of $10. Delivery costs $2.99.

The new plans are for 30-minute delivery to be available through their websites and mobile apps in the coming months. These are enabled by Instacart Enterprise Services. 

“While no two families’ grocery experiences are alike, the one thing so many of our families have in common is that their lives are busier than ever. Sometimes, they just can’t make it to the grocery store — even for a quick trip — and that’s where Giant Instant Delivery comes in,” Matt Simon, vice president of brand experience at The Giant Company, said in a statement. “Together with Instacart, we’re simplifying the shopping experience. Whether it’s realizing the chocolate chips are missing the night before the school bake sale or unexpected dinner guests at the doorstep, through Giant Instant Delivery, we are continuing to find new ways to be there for our customers when they need us the most.”

Instacart launched the Convenience Hub two weeks ago that is designed to streamline convenience shopping. According to the ultra-fast logistics company, this will enable shoppers to access essentials 24/7 in nearly every US city.

“We’re excited to deepen our partnership with The Giant Company and provide a new way for customers to access convenience delivery across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia,” stated David Healy, who leads retail partnerships at Instacart. “From produce to household staples, we recognize that customers may need essentials at the last minute, and we’re proud to unlock 30-minute delivery while reimagining the modern convenience store. It’s clear that customers are looking for both speed and quality, and they know that they can rely on Giant to provide both. We look forward to growing our Convenience Hub offering in partnership with Giant.”

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