The Mailing Room acquires Digital Post Solutions

Greater Manchester based The Mailing Room has acquired Bedfordshire-based Digital Post Solutions.

Co-founder of Digital Post Solutions Terry Smart is to retire, with the other co-founder Mark Steele remaining to help with the merger. Steele is to be accompanied by fellow Digital Post Solutions director James Johnson.

As well as board level leadership, much of the Digital Post Solutions service and operations team are also moving to The Mailing Room to ensure continuity of service.

Ian Davidson, group MD at The Mailing Room said: “Although digital substitution of letters and cards has impacted on the domestic postal market, the business sector is still holding up well. Mail is seen as a medium of authority in the business world, for circulating invoices, membership drives, electoral notices, confidential healthcare information and the like, while commercial emails have been hampered by the impact of GDPR and the need to obtain consent.

“At the same time, Royal Mail parcel traffic has risen almost 6% and more independent carriers are entering the market. So, with parcel shipping volumes on the rise, multi-carrier usage the norm, and increasing shipping fees and size ratings, hard-pressed business users need technology that takes the guesswork out of parcel and package shipping.”


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