TNT connects to Georgia by ERN and via Poland to Russia

TNT has overhauled its road links to Russia and Georgia. The company will be the first express delivery service to connect goods going from the European Road Network (ERN) to Georgia and will also run an additional route via Warsaw to its Russian destinations.

The ERN – Georgia route will deliver palletised freight via Istanbul. Customers will be able to ship larger items than they could by air – up to 30 square metres, and as heavy as 1,000kg per pallet. The company has said it is the first express delivery service to offer an economy service to Georgia as an alternative to air routes.

TNT is also expanding its route options to Russia. Up to now the company has exclusively sent items via Turku in Finland to Russia, but now will also send them via Warsaw. This will cut delivery times by truck to Moscow by up to 48 hours.

Both routes will open up markets previously unexploited by most express delivery companies.