TNT extends international express coverage in Spain

Even while going through the merger process with FedEx, Dutch delivery company TNT is expanding the coverage area of its international express delivery service in Spain.

TNT announced that it is now offering next day delivery to and from 1300 new postal codes, and this means that the company now covers more than 90% of businesses in Spain.

TNT’s next day service expansion covers every province of the country, including Málaga, Albacete, Badajoz, Cáceres, Ciudad Real, Toledo, Burgos, Valladolid, Gerona, Granada, Huelva, Huesca, La Coruña, Almería, León, Salamanca, Lugo, Murcia, Orense, Córdoba, Asturias, Palencia, Tarragona, Cádiz and Cantabria.

The delivery company, that is being merged with FedEx over the next 12 months, has said that the expansion in coverage builds on several recent improvements in its network operations in Spain. These also include additional pickup and delivery vehicles and rounds, additional direct line haul routes, as well as the opening of a new international road transit hub in Madrid.

Christophe Boustouller, SVP Ops Southern Europe, commented: “TNT understands that our customers need added convenience coupled with superior customer service, and this network enhancement demonstrates our continued commitment to the Spanish market, which is one of Europe’s fastest growing economies.”

The merger is expected to create a fair bit of disruption to the two businesses yet TNT’s expansion of its services in Spain looks to be a statement of intent to continue to be competitive even as it joins with new US parent company FedEx in the coming months.