TomTom annual traffic report – could do better

According to Satnav providers TomTom, the cost of traffic congestion to UK businesses has hit £915 million in the last year, an increase of £150 million on 2016.

TomTom found that the average time spent on the road has increased from 127 hours to 129 hours in 2017. The average commercial vehicle now spends more than 16 working days a year sat in traffic.

The satnav firm gave a rough estimate that this translates to an approximate loss of £915,239,5202 for businesses across the country.

According to TomTom traffic congestion has been getting significantly worse since 2010. An average journey now takes 30% longer than it would in free-flowing conditions. This is 25% slower in the last seven years.

“Traffic remains a serious issue for business and the resulting delays have potential implications for productivity, customer service standards and even employee wellbeing,” said Beverley Wise, director UK & Ireland for TomTom Telematics.

“Technology such as telematics can help in the move towards a more dynamic model of routing and scheduling that uses data on traffic and journey times to develop plans that minimise time on the road and can be quickly adapted in reaction to delays or changing circumstances.”

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