Trans-o-flex invests in low emission fleet

German specialist delivery company Trans-o-Flex has ordered 240 new low emission delivery vehicles ahead of the company’s expectation of further diesel bans in German cities. This has cost the company some €10 million.

According to local reports, Trans-o-Flex has ordered 150 vans (3.5-tonner from Mercedes-Benz) and 35 trucks (14-tonner and 5-tonner from Iveco). These are two-chamber vehicles, each with two temperature zones (2 to 8 degrees and 15 to 25 degrees Celsius). In addition, 55 thermal trailers with a single-chamber system were procured for regular services. All vehicles are certified for pharmaceutical delivery use.

Wolfgang P. Albeck, CEO said, “On the one hand, we are investing in our vehicle fleet to modernize it and to create the capacity for further shipment growth. On the other hand, with the current order we are preparing for further diesel fuel driving bans.”

Contrary to other media reports, Trans-o-Flex is not buying electric vehicles as part of this fleet investment. The company has trialled EVs as part of the preparation for the purchases but they cannot store enough energy for cooling as well as locomotion. The company does however plan to start using electric delivery vehicles for certain runs in Q4 of this year in a new round of fleet purchasing.

Technological hurdles need to be surmounted before entire delivery fleets can go electric. Trans-o-flex with its specialist interests in pharmaceuticals and other lines is a case where that dream is just a step too far.


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