Transdek – double deck trailers could save 520m miles a year

High cube trailer manufacturer Transdek UK claims that urban double deck trailers could save up to 520 million road miles across the UK every year. The company has a stand at the Fright in the City Expo at Alexandra Palace on the 2nd November this year.

A number of organisations are advocating out of hours deliveries to retail outlets to reduce congestion including the Department for Transport, FTA and Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Transdek is focusing their innovations on safely carrying greater volumes per vehicle and minimising operational noise during night time deliveries.

Carrying double the load per delivery is a key driver in reducing the volume in HGV traffic in the more congested cities in the UK including London, Bristol and Manchester. Transdek is a member of the Centre for Sustainable Freight (SRF) and is a specialist in high volume semi trailers. Transdek believe there is a huge opportunity to transform urban distribution through their double deck trailers.

Transdek’s managing director, Mark Adams, said: “Based on DfT statistics, we’ve calculated that if just 10% of the UK’s 18 tonne rigids were changed for urban double deckers, this would save 104 million road miles a year, mainly in urban centres. Converting half of the trucks would see a reduction of 520 million miles.”

In addition, Transdek is working with the Noise Abatement Society (NAS) in setting new standards for quiet road freight around the UK. At the Alexandra Palace show, the company will be launching a new low height, multi temperature version of its DUET urban trailer, that has new quiet technology developments designed specifically for town and city deliveries at night.

The trailer incorporates a PIEK-certified fridge unit, sound-deadening coatings on all surfaces, an internally mounted tail-lift motor, and specialist acoustic panels in the rear doors. The multi-temperature trailer is highly suited to any combination of chilled and frozen grocery product distribution. Also on display will be an ambient DUET urban double deck trailer in a standard configuration.
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