Transval acquires retail waste management specialist

Finnish in-house and contract logistics operator Transval has acquired KV Turva, a retail waste management specialist. The acquisition increases Transval’s reach across Finland, and will now have more than 5,000 outsourced logistics staff. 

KV Turva has around 200 employees across the country, and had net sales of €5.4 million in 2019. The transaction between Transval and the current owners of KV Turva is to take place within days.

“Transval provides services for retail stores at approximately 1,300 outlets across the country. We serve retail chains, merchants and the food industry directly, among others. The acquisition of KV Turva will supplement our service portfolio with regard to wastage management at shops and to remote monitoring in particular,” says Kaj Nurminen, Transval’s Business Director of In-House Logistics.

The in-store personnel of KV Turva hold vocational qualifications in safety and promote safe shopping in outlets , supporting the optimisation of on-shelf availability, product wastage management, POS work and in remote monitoring.

KV Turva’s Managing Director Lasse Heikkinen believes that the merger between Transval and KV Turva will provide new opportunities. “The transaction and cooperation with Transval will provide great opportunities both to our customers and personnel across Finland. Our service portfolio includes solutions for small shops as well as retail chains.”

 “E-commerce and the digitalization of retail segment will provide opportunities for growth in retail store services. In the future, small outlets will operate on an automation basis, which will increase need for remote monitoring of these locations and for purchase hand over services. KV Turva’s service offering offers perfect solutions for this as part of Transval’s retail service portfolio. We can help and serve flexibly during the volume and seasonal periods of each shop,” Nurminen continues.