Triangle Management – UK export mail worth £2.8bn

A new Digest from Triangle Management suggests that the UK export mail market is worth £2.8bn annually.

The UK International Mail and Parcels Digest is designed to help UK mailers and shippers get to grips with the wide variety of international delivery options available to them. The 245 page Digest describes a vibrant marketplace with a large number of players in the market.

The research suggested that excluding double counted mail, around 848 million pieces were sent abroad. The UK has become a hub for mail travelling between other countries too, in part due to its growing reputation as an air freight and road freight hub for international destinations.

The Digest has been written in conjunction with 30 industry leading companies in the field, and this confirms many key trends in the business. With international mail volumes unlikely to rise significantly in the coming years, mail consolidators and postal operators have have attempted to tap into the market and have joined the international overnight express companies and this has sharply increased competition. This in turn has reduced the cost of shipping goods overseas. E-commerce companies of all sizes can therefore export inexpensively to a wide range of destinations. Cost effective tracked services have also come onstream from a variety of postal and parcel delivery companies, ensuring that goods are sent and not lost during transit.

The Service Provider Profiles include services from 51 companies as well as marketing messages from selected companies. The players include postal operators, UK leading mail consolidators, express parcels carriers and fulfilment and mailing houses. Where it shows the trends and can be of use to larger companies, the £2500 + VAT price tag may put off smaller e-commerce companies.