Tuffnells sees spike in healthcare products deliveries

UK logistics specialists Tuffnells have seen a spike in demand for healthcare deliveries. Between February and March when lockdown was ordered Tuffnells saw an 89% increase in medical products delivery demand and a 49% increase in demand for medical supplies deliveries. 

In February Tuffnells delivered some 40,000 healthcare items in a four week period in February that increased to 70,000 in the same period in March. Medical products grew from below 3,000 to over 6,000 items in the same timeframe.

Talking about the surge in consignments, a spokesperson for Tuffnells says the business has been doing everything it can to ensure vital items reach the businesses that need them most, as he expects the spike to continue into May and June: “Like most businesses working in the supply chain, we have seen a significant increase in demand for specific types of consignments, especially medical, healthcare and cleaning supplies as we look to do what we can to make sure vital items get to where they need to be to help people directly and indirectly deal with the impact of Covid-19.

“We have had to increase the number of deliveries we are making to support the surge as essential businesses including hospitals, care homes and medical facilities require more supplies, more regularly – including the Nightingale Hospital in London, which we delivered materials to, to help the amazing team who have worked so hard to construct it so quickly.

“This is why last month we announced our plans to hire more warehouse and delivery workers. Our team is doing an exceptional job in difficult circumstances and we thank all of them for continuing to do what they can to ensure important deliveries are made”