TVS Logistics opens new European hub in UK

Indian logistics company TVS Logistics is to open a European hub in Barnsley to include a call centre and a warehouse on a 165,000 square foot site. The company recently signed a £5bn deal with the Ministry of Defence.

The third party logistics (3PL) service provider has agreed a rental commitment of £20 million for the site, that will employ around 100 workers in warehousing and call management. The new site is planned to be TVS Logistics’ European hub.

Linked to this move has been a recent deal with the MOD to provide logistics and warehousing for the UK military. The aim of the £5bn contract is to make £500 million in savings from the procurement process over 13 years in food, pharmaceuticals medical equipment and general supplies.

The new base in Barnsley is intended to work with the government contract but give TVS Logistics access to the EU market. In a statement, TVS Logistics Services Director R Dinesh said, “The UK is a highly successful investment destination for TVS Logistics. Using our unique capability, TVS Logistics will work to help the ‘Make in India’ campaign successful as it has the know-how to make manufacturing in India Logistically competitive.”

The UK is often seen as a good first foothold in the EU with cultural and governmental relationships that go far beyond the economic bloc. In winning the MOD contract and establishing a base in Barnsley TVS Logistics now has the opportunity to break new markets from its base in the UK.