Twitter launches Buy Now Button

In an attempt to compete with Facebook’s ‘social shopping’ medium, Twitter has launched a ‘Buy Now’ button that is now available to US retailers. Though one of the world’s biggest social media platforms the firm has yet to generate a profit despite many years of operation.

On Twitter’s blog, VP of Commerce Nathan Hubbard announced that its relationships with e-commerce websites “will make it easier for retailers of any size to sell products, digital goods, or services directly within a Tweet via Buy Now.”

Though primarily known for its political conversations and firsthand reports from danger zones, Twitter reports that 80% of its users follow a brand of some kind. It is not known whether this new approach will work because Twitter is used primarily on mobile devices yet most online purchases are made on larger machines such as PC’s, Macs and laptops.

It has been reported that Twitter has made arrangements with some major brands ahead of the announcement, and these will be able to tweet offers exclusive to the ‘Twitterverse’.

The response by internet commentators has been somewhat mixed, with many saying this may lead nowhere but others suggesting it may turn the company’s fortunes around.