Tyneside Royal Mail parcel sorting machine goes into operation

Royal Mail has started operating a fully automated parcel sorting machine that can handle 180,000 parcels a day at its Tyneside mail centre.

The parcel sorting machine was officially opened by Gateshead MP Ian Mearns. It is an intelligent conveyor belt system with scanning technology that automatically sorts parcels for delivery in the Royal Mail network

The parcel sorting machine comes on stream just in time for the peak delivery season, and is expected to handle up to 10,000 parcels per hour. It is built by the Bowe Group and can handle parcels of up to 31kg in weight.

Automated parcel sorting machines can sort up to four times the amount of parcels handled manually, and with greater accuracy. The investment in this machine is part of a wider drive for efficiencies by the postal operator as parcel volumes surge due to the popularity of online shopping that hasn’t abated much since pandemic restrictions were lifted.

Achim Dunnwald, Chief Operating Officer, Royal Mail, said: “We are transforming the way Royal Mail processes parcels which are rapidly growing in popularity thanks to the boom in e-commerce and new online shopping trends accelerated by the pandemic. Our investment in state-of the-art parcel sorting machines and automated technology enables us to compete more effectively for business and meet the demands of our customers, while helping to secure quality jobs for the future of Royal Mail.”

Lisa Banton, Bowe Group UK & Ireland, said: “We are extremely pleased to partner with Royal Mail on this journey towards fully automating their sorting centres with our very latest technology. We believe our parcel sorting solution and services will enable Royal Mail to effectively meet the demands of their customers now and in future. We are particularly pleased that the Bowe Group and Royal Mail teams collaborated together to deliver this automation just in time for the peak period.” 

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