Uber Eats plans more growth in Japan

Uber is to expand its ultra-fast hot food and grocery delivery services in Japan. The company is already the largest food delivery service in the country, with 100,000+ stores, most of which are restaurants, but seeks to expand its grocery business.

The aim of the expansion is to become a one-stop-shop for alcohol, groceries and convenience items, all of which will be delivered within 30 minutes. This comes as Uber revealed that demand for supermarket orders on the Uber Eats app had more than doubled in the last year. Globally, the delivery and ride-sharing giant is seeing orders worth £2 billion every year, 10% of which are in Japan and Taiwan.

Raj Beri, vice president of grocery and new verticals said, “We’re far ahead of expectations … but we do think this type of growth, and similar growth, will be here for a period of time. Because compared to online restaurant food delivery, grocery or convenience is still much earlier in adoption.”

While restaurants are core to the Uber Eats offering in Japan, the firm has lately added products from the Lawson convenience store chain, upmarket supermarket chain Seijo Ishii and alcohol store chain Enoteca.

“A year or two ago, there was not even any opportunity for [merchants] to think about online delivery. There is a lot of demand, especially through the pandemic, where merchants were very excited that Uber is starting to offer this,” Beri said.

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