UberEATS starts on London

In a direct assault on the likes of Just Eat, UberEATS has been launched in London.

According to their website customers can have their food delivered in as little as 10 minutes if the food they choose is on the ‘Instant Delivery’ menu. Food on that menu is cooked in advance and loaded into insulated bags which the driver keeps in their vehicle, ready for an order to be placed. The driver will take this directly to the customer’s door. The website says, that even for food not on the ’Instant’ menu, “The average order takes 35 minutes from start to finish.”

UberEATS 150 restaurants include The Good Life Eatery, Hotbox, Chilango, Pho, Snog and Comptoir Libanais, though this relative handful of restaurants will no doubt mushroom in the coming months.

The service will initially be available in Central London from 11am to 11pm, seven days a week.

The UK industry has been talking a lot of the ‘Uberification’ of deliveries, and this is just the first salvo of what will lead to the launch of UberRUSH courier service that is only operating in a number of major US cities at present.

UberEATS move into London is a fairly soft move on the part of the international delivery giant, with a saturated local market that any company would do well to be competitive in. Just Eat and Deliveroo are the giants in that part of the country, but have not signalled particular worry at Uber’s move.

However, Walmart is said to be working with Uber, and that could cause problems for the UK grocery market when Asda starts delivering to its customers. Uber is a potential threat but only in certain markets that are not saturated.