UberRUSH launches API

In a move that parcel delivery companies should take note of, online taxi company Uber has launched a new API for its UberRUSH delivery service. This will enable people to bid on deliveries from a range of customers across the US.

UberRush was launched in October last year and has a number of major clients in Chicago, New York and San Francisco who now offer express deliveries to their customers through the service.

A statement from Uber said, “Currently available to a closed set of partners, this new API will help businesses big and small build on-demand delivery right into their existing infrastructure and apps.”

The “closed set of partners” boasts some prestige names, including: Nordstrom, T-Mobile, Google, SAP and 1800flowers. Google is a surprise member of this coterie as they have their own delivery service called Google Express.

As previously discussed on Apex Insight, though a small move in a relatively limited geographical area, this is a shot across the bows for existing parcel companies because UberRush presents a significant threat to existing businesses. Uber has already had a huge impact on taxi companies around the world, with London’s Black Cab drivers in revolt over the company threatening their long held ground. The same may well happen with parcel delivery companies and couriers, as UberRush members bid at a lower rate than their established rivals. Ultimately a customer wants their goods delivered from A-B with minimum fuss and price, as well as a good customer service if this is not handled properly. UberRush may well give that and as a result. Should this be rolled out to Europe and the UK, it will decimate its less competitive rivals as more owner drivers go over to Uber in search of more work and greater margins.