UK Amazon Marketplace export sales set to top £1.8bn

UK businesses on Amazon Marketplace have seen a 29% increase in export sales in 2016. Export sales will hit £1.8 billion this year according to Amazon in a statement released this week.

Amazon made the announcement at the first Amazon Academy event to be held in the UK. The Amazon Academy event is designed to help SMEs boost their online sales as well as exports.

In the announcement, Amazon also reported that “more than 60% of the tens of thousands of UK SMEs selling on Amazon Marketplace are now exporting to customers around the world”; and that “independent research from Keystone Strategy has found that 74,000 people are employed by UK-based Marketplace sellers as a result of their business on Amazon”.

“The days of only being able to sell products to customers in one town, region or country are long gone,” said Francois Saugier, Vice President of EU Seller Services. ‘Today, businesses of all sizes can easily export their products to customers across Europe and the world, and we are seeing a significant increase in the number of UK businesses capitalising on this opportunity.”

Despite the gloom and doom reported by the media about the uncertainty in British industry over the post Brexit economic environment, there seems to be a certain optimism in the e-commerce sector. The figures released by Amazon reinforce a general impression that while some sectors may well suffer, UK e-commerce may well ride out the forecast storm. E-commerce is a globalised sector and with most sellers exporting it the future still seems promising for those in this business.

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