UK government sets out plans to decarbonise logistics

As part of its Net Zero strategy the UK government has been setting out how it plans to decarbonise logistics by 2050.

The document states: “We will support and encourage modal shift of freight from road to more sustainable alternatives, such as rail, cargo bike and inland waterways.

In order to decarbonise logistics the government plans to use rail freight instead of road where possible, and will electrify more of the railway network. The government is to also look at waterborne transport with grant support to get freight and cargo onto the UK’s waterways. At the same time it is looking at zero carbon last mile delivery systems to support freight in urban areas.

The UK government strategy also pledges to decarbonise logistics via transforming “last mile deliveries, with zero emission HGVs and decarbonised deliveries made possible through the adoption of new delivery models, supported by accurate data and digital innovations which drive greater efficiencies”.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented in the foreword: “We will make sure what you pay for green, clean electricity is competitive with carbon-laden gas, and with most of our electricity coming from the wind farms of the North Sea or state-of-the-art British nuclear reactors we will reduce our vulnerability to sudden price rises caused by Freight and logistics.”

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