UK Mail “solid start to the financial year”

Before UK Mail Group’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) today (14 July), the company released a trading statement that said it has made a “solid start to the current financial year”.

According to the company, it “remains in a sound financial position” and that its overall performance for Q1 is in line with its previous expectations.

The company statement said, “The move of our second hub has been successfully completed, with very high service levels maintained throughout the period. We continue to make good progress with our plans to improve the efficiency of our operations.”

The statement continued, “The Group remains in a sound financial position.”

UK Mail has been buffeted by the changes to the mail delivery market and where other companies in its sector have thrived, at times UK Mail has struggled to keep up with the pace of change.

A sound beginning to this financial year may well be signs that UK Mail is beginning to pick up the pace and may well start to grow with the new opportunities in parcel delivery even as its core market of business letter mail is receding. When the financial results come in later this year things will be clear as to the company’s overall position and whether it has indeed managed to meet the demands of this very competitive industry.