UK online retail sales see 22% boost in March

Thanks to lockdown, UK retail sales fell by a record 5.1% in March according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

There were winners and losers in amongst this. Online retail, food and alcohol sales all saw jumps in revenues as people shopped for necessities at supermarkets and bought other goods online. Online retail sales jumped by 22% and alcohol sales leapt by 31%.

Fashion, both online and offline, took a beating with sales dropping by 34%.

Forecasts for both the immediate and medium term future in high street retail sales are poor but those businesses with strong online presences seem set to do better than those that don’t. In the last two weeks the department store chain Debenhams has gone into administration while online outlets and major supermarkets are generally reporting sales equivalent to a good Christmas peak season.

As to delivery companies? With those that mainly trade in B2C parcel deliveries they seem to be benefitting from a parcel delivery boom time. Statistics for the sector will emerge in time.