UK Post Office network offers more government ID

The UK Post Office has joined the government digital marketplace GCloud 11. This offers a suite of identity services that work with all government departments and agencies.

The Post Office’s move allows more UK government departments to offer services through the network through cutting red tape.

Martin Edwards, Managing Director of Identity Services at Post Office, commented: “We are delighted to be able to offer our services through GCloud 11. We are uniquely placed to serve customers who may be digital natives, while also supporting those who prefer to engage with our services face to face.

“We look forward to working with our government partners in the identity space. We share many common goals, including tackling issues such as digital and financial exclusion. By helping customers to prove who they are in an easy and inclusive manner, we believe we will remove barriers that impede access to key services such as Universal Credit, and passport applications,”

Now the Post Office has joined the scheme it offers three identity services:

– Digital Identity that enables millions of customers to prove their ID and to share documents and verified data direct from their devices.
– In-branch verification provides support for customers that require face to face verification
– Document certification certifies copies of original documentation 

The services allow dealings with government department agencies through having a point of contact at the 11,500 Post Offices nationwide. Currently this includes the DVLA Passport Office and Cabinet Office but is likely to grow.


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