UK Post Office research – POs add income to high streets

New research commissioned by the Post Office has shown how its presence on UK high streets supports other local businesses.

It found that 33% of respondents say they stopped at another shop, cafe or restaurant when in town to visit the Post Office. Based on this research this suggests an extra 400 million visits to these other businesses, worth £1.1 billion in additional revenue every year.

The Post Office is seen by 82% of the public as an essential service, and is valued equally among young and old alike.

As well as the general public, 43% of small businesses said that they would not survive but for their Post Office. Among these are ‘bedroom businesses’ – small e-commerce companies that use Post Offices to send their goods, but also independent retailers depend on branches for deposit their daily cash income. This is in part because there are more Post Office branches than all the banks and building societies combined.

Nick Read, Chief Executive at the Post Office, said: “Local post offices are a lifeline for communities across the UK as they are the place to go to do everyday banking or send parcels. We are an essential retailer and will remain open wherever possible during these recently introduced lockdown restrictions. The footfall we generate could make a big difference to sustaining high streets over the long term and helping small businesses start and grow, contributing to economic recovery across the UK.”