UK postmasters in election to Post Office board

Six serving UK Post Office postmasters are in an election to be the network’s first Postmaster Non-Executive Directors on the Post Office board.

The vote is to be held among postmasters and multiple partners across the UK and is to open at 09:30am on 22nd March, running until 9:30, 12th April. Each voter will be able to select up to two candidates.

The appointments are as part of a wider move to make postmasters feel more valued in the organisation after years of decline in relations between frontline staff and Post Office management.

Nick Read, Chief Executive of the Post Office, said: “Having two serving Postmasters on our Board sends the clearest signal yet of our determination to ensure Postmasters really are at the heart of our business. I am encouraged by the calibre of the six highly qualified candidates and look forward to an open and robust campaign over the three-week election period.

“To sit on the Board of any company carries great responsibility, a responsibility I know our Postmasters will be well placed to fulfil. I have been encouraged by the interest from Postmasters in applying and look forward to working with our two new Non-Executive Directors.”